Cheese Masters is America’s Favorite Quick-Service Grilled Cheese and Melt Franchise

Cheese Masters was born with one simple thought in mind. Give the public a delicious Grilled Cheese in their food courts and at trendy stand alone locations. We slice our cheese daily and serve it on the finest locally baked, handcrafted bread. The rest of our ingredients, including our meats and vegetables are fresh, brought in on a daily basis.

With our first location open at Rochester’s Eastview Mall, Cheese Masters is redefining the traditional food court restaurant as we know it. Offering delicious and affordable fresh grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, and melts we are sure to have your favorite food on our menu.

After a series of successful market tests in Rochester, NY, we have finally decided that we will bring MORE cheese to you! Our second location is open at 703 Park Avenue in Rochester, NY. This is a stand alone shop that features the same great menu as our first location. In addition, take out service and seating are available. A third location is set to open in late 2014.

The company is currently planning a rapid expansion in multiple markets throughout New York State and America’s Mid-west.